36 Is 80 Of What Number

36 Is 80% Of What Number? Solve the Math Puzzle Like a Pro!

Have you ever encountered a math puzzle that left you scratching your head? If you’re intrigued by brain teasers and numerical challenges, then you’re in for a treat! Today’s puzzle will test your problem-solving skills and introduce you to a fascinating mathematical concept. Get ready to embark on a journey of numbers and equations as we uncover the answer to “36 is 80% of what number?”

Math puzzles often present challenges that appear simple at first glance, but they can quickly reveal hidden complexities. They require us to think critically, apply logical reasoning, and sometimes even use creative approaches to find a solution. In the case of “36 is 80% of what number,” the challenge lies in understanding the relationship between percentages, ratios, and equations.

To solve this puzzle, we need to establish an equation that reflects the given statement. Let’s denote the unknown number we’re trying to find as “x.” According to the information provided, “36 is 80% of x.” Mathematically, we can express this as:

36 = 80/100 * x

The equation above represents the relationship between 36, 80%, and the unknown number “x.” By simplifying the equation, we can isolate “x” and solve for its value.

36 = 0.8 * x
x = 36 / 0.8
x = 45

Therefore, the answer to the puzzle “36 is 80% of what number?” is 45. This means that 36 is 80% of 45.

In summary, this math puzzle challenged us to find the unknown number “x” based on the given information that “36 is 80% of x.” By setting up an equation and using algebraic operations, we were able to solve for “x” and determine that the answer is 45. This puzzle serves as a reminder that math can be both challenging and rewarding, encouraging us to think critically and creatively to find solutions.

36 Is 80 Of What Number

36 is 80% of What Number?

Unraveling the Mathematical Equation


In the realm of mathematics, percentages play a crucial role in representing proportions and comparative values. They provide a convenient way to express fractions as parts of a whole, often denoted by the symbol “%”. In this article, we will embark on a journey to solve the intriguing mathematical puzzle: 36 is 80% of what number? Through a step-by-step approach, we will uncover the techniques and unravel the underlying principles to find the solution to this captivating equation.

Understanding Percentages:

A Percentage Primer:

To delve into the intricacies of the equation, it is essential to have a firm grasp of percentages. A percentage represents a fraction of 100, expressed as a number followed by the % symbol. For instance, 50% is equivalent to 50/100, signifying half of a whole. This concept forms the cornerstone of our exploration into the equation at hand.

The Essence of Proportions:

Percentages are intimately connected to proportions, which involve comparing two quantities relative to a common base. In the equation we seek to solve, 36 is presented as 80% of an unknown number. This implies that 36 is a part of that unknown number, just as 80 is a part of 100. Understanding this proportional relationship is key to unlocking the solution.

Unveiling the Solution:

Setting Up the Equation:

To embark on the path to finding the solution, we can set up a simple equation based on the given information:

36 = (80/100) * x

Here, x represents the unknown number we aim to find. The equation signifies that 36 is equal to 80% (expressed as 80/100) of x.

Isolating the Variable:

Our objective is to isolate the variable x on one side of the equation. To achieve this, we can begin by multiplying both sides of the equation by 100, the denominator of the fraction (80/100). This operation effectively eliminates the fraction, leaving us with:

36 * 100 = 80 * x

Simplifying the Equation:

Next, we simplify the equation further by performing the multiplication on both sides:

3600 = 80x

Now, our goal is to isolate x by dividing both sides of the equation by 80, the coefficient of x. This step will yield the solution to our equation:

x = 3600 / 80

Finding the Solution:

Performing the division, we obtain the solution to the equation:

x = 45

Therefore, the unknown number that 36 is 80% of is 45. This means that 36 constitutes 80% of 45, confirming the proportional relationship between the given values.


In conclusion, the mathematical equation 36 is 80% of what number? leads us on a journey of exploration into percentages, proportions, and the art of solving equations. Through a series of well-defined steps, we unveiled the solution to be 45. This adventure exemplifies the power of mathematics in uncovering hidden relationships between quantities and demonstrating the interconnectedness of mathematical concepts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. What is the significance of percentages in mathematics?
  • Percentages provide a standardized way to represent fractions as parts of a whole, enabling easy comparison and analysis of proportions.
  1. How do percentages relate to proportions?
  • Percentages are intimately linked to proportions, as they represent parts of a whole expressed as fractions of 100. This allows for direct comparisons and understanding of relative quantities.
  1. What is the essence of the equation 36 is 80% of what number?
  • The equation expresses a proportional relationship between 36 and an unknown number, where 36 constitutes 80% of that unknown number. Solving this equation involves finding the value of the unknown number that satisfies this proportion.
  1. What steps are involved in solving the equation 36 is 80% of what number?
  • The solution involves setting up the equation, isolating the variable representing the unknown number, simplifying the equation, and finally, finding the value of the unknown number by performing the necessary mathematical operations.
  1. What is the solution to the equation 36 is 80% of what number?
  • The solution to the equation is 45, which signifies that 36 is 80% of 45.



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