Which Word Is Spelled Correctly Nationel Jugement Mentil International

Which Word is Spelled Correctly: Nationel, Jugement, Mentil, International?

Are you struggling to spell these commonly misspelled words? You’re not alone! Many people make mistakes when it comes to these tricky terms. In this post, we’ll clear up the confusion and help you spell these words correctly every time.

Common Misspellings

When writing, it’s easy to mix up the spelling of words like “nationel” and “national” or “jugement” and “judgment.” These mistakes can make your writing seem unprofessional and can even lead to misunderstandings.

Correct Spellings

The correct spellings of these words are:

  • National
  • Judgment
  • Mental
  • International

Tips for Spelling Correctly

Here are a few tips to help you spell these words correctly:

  • Remember that “nationel” with an “e” is incorrect. The correct spelling is “national” with an “a.”
  • The word “jugement” is a French word that means “judgment.” In English, the correct spelling is “judgment” with a “d.”
  • “Mentil” is a common misspelling of the word “mental.” The correct spelling is “mental” with an “a.”
  • The word “international” is often misspelled with an extra “n.” The correct spelling is “international” with only one “n.”

By following these tips, you can avoid these common spelling mistakes and write with confidence.

Which Word Is Spelled Correctly Nationel Jugement Mentil International

Correct Spellings and Accurate Usage


The correct spelling of the word is “national.” It pertains to a nation or country, its people, culture, government, and affairs. For instance, “The national anthem of the United States is The Star-Spangled Banner.”

National Flag


The correct spelling is “judgment.” It denotes an opinion or decision, particularly when made by a court of law or a person in authority. For example, “The jury reached a unanimous judgment in the murder trial.”

Judge Gavel


The correct spelling is “mental.” It refers to the mind, brain, and their functions, including intellect, emotion, and behavior. For instance, “The patient exhibited exceptional mental clarity despite the severe trauma.”

Human Brain


The correct spelling is “international.” It pertains to relationships, affairs, or cooperation between nations or on a global scale. For example, “The United Nations is an international organization that promotes peace and cooperation.”

World Map

Importance of Accurate Spelling

Accurate spelling is crucial for effective communication. Misspelled words can hinder comprehension, create confusion, and undermine credibility. It demonstrates professionalism, attention to detail, and respect for the audience.

Transition Words Usage

Transition words help connect ideas and guide the reader through the text smoothly. Examples include:

  • in addition
  • moreover
  • similarly
  • therefore
  • however


Mastering the correct spelling of words is essential for clear and effective communication. The terms “national,” “judgment,” “mental,” and “international” are frequently used and require accurate spelling. Furthermore, incorporating transition words enhances the flow and coherence of the written content.


  1. What is the correct spelling of “nationel”?
  • National
  1. Which option has the correct spelling of “jugement”?
  • Judgment
  1. Which word refers to the mind and its functions?
  • Mental
  1. What is the spelling of the term describing relationships between countries?
  • International
  1. Why is accurate spelling important?
  • It enhances clarity, prevents confusion, and demonstrates credibility.

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